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                      Mantis Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Prepare your garden's soil as you would for spring planting. With the help of the Mantis Tiller, creating a new bed or maintaining an existing garden has never been easier! Remove any dead plants or weeds from the area, and add some compost, organic fertilizer, or dehydrated manure to improve your soil's fertility. Use your Mantis tillerto prepare the area, just as you would in the spring.

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Mantis Tiller Reviews Mantis Tiller Reviews Mantis Gas Tiller Review. Here you can read more Mantis Tiller Reviews and see how to get Mantis Tiller Discounts. Read actual customer reviews and compare Prices before you buy.

Mantis Tiller Reviews Mantis Tiller Reviews Mantis Gas Tiller Review. Here you can read more Mantis Tiller Reviews and see how to get Mantis Tiller Discounts. Read actual customer reviews and compare Prices before you buy.??

At just 20 lbs, the Mantis Tiller is the original and still the lightest-weight, easiest-to-handle small tiller…ever made! Designed for small gardeners just like ourselves, the Mantis Tilleris a lightweight, single solution powerhouse for all your garden chores. Plus…it's incredibly easy-to-lift, easy-to-carry, and easy-to-move around the yard…for virtually anyone!

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About the Author: Benni Jenyfari is a freelance writer who provides informative and detailed articles and reviews for a number of websites including Unique Gifts. Read a review of the Mantis Tillerthe industrial strength home garden tiller.

The Mantis is a remarkably nimble cultivator, perfect for weeding around delicate plants. Plus, the Mantis Tillercan…Speed Weed…most gardens in under 20 minutes! Saving you time…and, saving your back!

High-Speed Operation. Revolving at 240 rpm the Mantis Tiller patented tines make fast work of many gardening chores. For example, you can cultivate or weed a 30' x 40' garden in just 20 minutes.

Mantis Tiller Tines reviews.Mantis Patented Serpentine teeth slice through compact soil and hard clay.Mantis Tiller Tines.Tills 10 cm deep and 9 inches wide.Reversible the shallow cultivation of up to 3 cm deep.Guaranteed life against breakage.Mantis Tiller Tines reviews by customer.I wore it all the teeth off the tiller teeth during the past 2 years. They did not break, but if less than 2 inches long, and straight to the hub, does not dig very well. After installing the new teeth and my driving was back in the new again. I used it to plant 6 apples, 2 pears, peaches 5, 2 plum trees, blueberry bushes 18, and 7 violet plants is not a problem. A couple of weeks, I plant about 30 lines, 100ft long in the teeth of the new garden. They are preparing the ground for that light work. If the teeth are worn, I highly recommend new ones.The price is relatively low, as in the fastest delivery and well packaged. It seems that the genuine product. I've been used once for them, so I do not know if like the original. Then do business with seller again.I tried searching the Mantis Tillerteeth on eBay, but they have found the best price at Amazon. Amazon certainly beat the prices, charges that the Mantis. To quickly install the pin in the bar, next to the teeth. I was running, and five minutes later.

The Mantis is powerful, lightweight, easy to start and the handles fold down for easy storage. It takes up very little room in my garage. Last year I used my Mantis Tiller to plant vegetables in my back yard. I was able to get all my beds ready in less than an hour. I can say without a doubt that the Mantis TillerCultivator is the best investment in gardening equipment I have ever made--period!

Perhaps you have been considering the purchase of a Mantis Tiller but have doubted whether it was worth the money. I have owned my Mantis for the last three years and decided to share this Mantis Tiller review relating my experience.

The 2-cycle tiller requires mixing your oil into the gas – which a 4 cycle engine doesn't. In fact the 4-cycle version has a powerful Honda engine. In my opinion Honda is fantastic for these types of engines. I had a Honda lawn mower that lasted for over 20 years – needing only the once-a-year blade sharpening. So I am completely loving a Mantis tiller that has a Honda engine – I know it will be reliable and last for a long, long time!


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